Complete Control From Your Phone

Monitor Your Business Assets From Anywhere


Security & Access Control

Securely manage locks and users by controlling access from your phone at any time.


Real-time Usage & Location Data

Know who, where, and when locks are being used to increase security and simplify business management.


Unlock Pumps With A Tap

Conveniently unlock fuel pumps with a tap of your finger and always know who has unlocked what.


Fuel Logs

Automatically record the amount of fuel pumped, fuel type, vehicle, job number, and more.

Get Even More Visibility with Our Fuel Management Portal

Visualize Trending Information & Run Reports


Manage Team Access

See all your employees and the locks they have
access to from one easy to use dashboard.


Track Usage Trends

Easily spot busy times of day, most used fuel type, and your most active employees.


Identify Theft & Fraud

Monitor the fueling activity of your employees and easily spot when fuel is pumped in unauthorized locations or during off hours.


Easily Run Reports

Run reports to get all the info you need to complete federal, state, and local reporting requirements.

fuel management portal

Our Retrofit Kits Make It Easy to Secure Anything

No need to re-outfit your entire fleet, we've got you taken care of

fuel management portal

Simple Retrofit System

Easily upgrade your existing fuel transfer pump to a more efficient and secure access control system. Our retrofit kits make it simple to upgrade your existing pumps with simple bolt on parts.

Build Quality

Retrofit kits are strictly designed for personal safety as well as for product reliability to operate in harsh conditions and withstand the abuse of construction environments.

Class 1 Enclosure

Our enclosures are explosion proof. They are rated for use in Class 1, Div 1 & 2, hazardous locations, and designed to work flawlessly in harsh environments.

State of the Art Security

eLock uses the latest security protocals to keep your data & hardware safe from hackers


Bluetooth Access

We designed eLock to provide simple access control by turning your phone into a key. No one can access your lock unless they have been granted access by an administrator.


Cloud Security

Your data is encrypted automatically and stored on AWS. "Cloud security at AWS is our highest priority...You benefit from a network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. The AWS cloud allows customers to scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment."



eLOCK Pro uses Bluetooth 4.0 and a custom protocol that includes unique session ID's, session keys, and digital keys unique for every lock; all of which are required for a valid unlock command to be accepted.

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Security, and the ability to track a fuel management system at any time and location is our foremost concern. Fuel Pro provides our end users an easy application to do both in a cost efficient and effective manner.