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Chelsea Truck Company
Flying Huntsman 6x6 price starts at £149,995

Chelsea Truck Company: The car firm made in Chelsea

The Chelsea Truck Company turns off-road icons into exclusive attention-grabbers. We meet its outspoken founder and designer Afzal Kahn

16 July 2018
(931) 837-1720
Well-kept XJR will deliver a pliant ride and poised handling

(807) 867-3353

Once, the might and splendour of a 390bhp Jaguar XJR would have cost you £60k. Today, prices have fallen below £5k. John Evans has tips for buying and running one

16 July 2018
Volvo 40.2
The 40.2 concept is understood to preview the Polestar '2'

350-mile range, £30,000 starting price likely for entry-level Polestar 2

Tesla Model 3-rivalling all-electric saloon to top out at around 400bhp

15 July 2018

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