My name is Eyvette Thompson, and I'm LIVING THE DREAM! I appreciate you stopping by to visit and explore my web environment. This site is a dedicated library featuring my personal and professional development projects. While hosting this site on my personal server, I have created a continual presentation of my projects and ideas for others to review while enhancing my server administration skills. Please feel free to browse and enjoy the content of this site.

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Wingskis is the first full website that I sold from a business perspective! It was created for the the owners of a food truck business that wanted something to improve the original website they previously owned. The first version was purchased in 2015, with a second version update provided in 2017. Great clients and a wonderful learning experience for us all!

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The Staten Family

I started this family website as a way for our family members to communicate and stay informed and up to date on current family events and information. This labor of love has been extremely beneficial in keeping my family close and involved with one another. I recommend one for every family.



This website has been created to share my training experience and profile my skillset with everyone. It is my goal to continue to enhance and master the skills I've obtained within the web and app development arena, and succeed in moving towards a professional career in this industry.

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Tip Calculator

The Tip Calculator is a app project based on the PhoneGap structure and using other tools to enhance the functionality and style. To use, input the amount of the amount of the bill and use the slider to set the tip percentage. The app will then provide you with the tip amount and the new total owed for the bill. If you have received these amounts within a green border, you have selected a good tip amount. If you received a yellow border, the tip amount is just okay. If you received a red border, the tip amount is poor. HAPPY TIPPING!

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Movie Info

The Movie Info app project allows you to input the title of a movie and returns the information gathered on that movie back to you. This functionality is made possible by the use of the OMDb API service that allows requests to search their movie database to provide specific information on that movie searched. This app is requesting movie title, year, desciption, and image poster if available. Something fun for those MOVIE LOVERS.

Project Six

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